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We have over 40 years in the Valuation business, with a proven record in Capital Gains Valuations, Probate Valuations, Bank Valuations and the Fair deal Scheme for Nursing Homes Valuations.
We pride ourselves on a professional and efficient service, with an active database of database of Property values. Our business is housed in our offices in Castleknock Village, providing a top class service to our clients.

Fair Deal Scheme Property Valuation Required

If you are trying to help a relative avail of the nursing homes “Fair Deal” scheme you will require a valuation of their residence to submit with the application. I know from personal experience that this can present a bit of a challenge. Elderly people in particular have concerns that their home is being sold from under them as soon as they see a property valuer at the door. Our valuation service in Dublin 7 15 9 and 11 and throughout Dublin is prompt, efficient, accurate, and most importantly will be completed with a minimum of intrusion.

“A Fair Deal” Nursing Homes Support Scheme

The Nursing Homes Support Scheme, A Fair Deal, began on the 27th October 2009. The purpose of the Scheme is to provide financial support for people assessed as needing long-term nursing home care. The scheme is founded on the core principles that long-term care should be affordable and that a person should receive the same level of State support whether they choose a public, voluntary or private nursing home. Since the 27th October 2009, the Nursing Homes Support Scheme (Fair Deal scheme) is the single funded means of accessing long-term nursing home care for all new entrants.

The Fair Deal Scheme is administered by the HSE.

Download HSE application form and for more information

If you are struggling to complete the form you can contact the HSE Nursing Home Support Offices who will be happy to assist you. You can contact them at HSE Nursing Homes Support Office, Civic Office, Main Street, Ballymun, Dublin 9. Tel: 01 8467148

Probate Valuation

A valuation may be required for revenue purposes on a property in regard to probate and the matter of the estate of a deceased person.

The valuation will normally be dated back to the date of death and will reflect the market value of the property at that time.

DfM provide prompt Probate Valuations and work closely with Executors and Solicitors alike.

Link to Probate Office

Probate Information

Bank Valuation

If you are purchasing a property, re-mortgaging or need to reappraise your financial position, We offer a fast efficient valuation service for you, normally a 48 hour turnaround service.

Call us at 01 8215888 or request a valuation above

Capital Gains Tax Valuation

Capital gains tax is payable on the sale of any property that is not your family home, if it’s sold at a profit. Don’t pay any more tax that you have to by getting an accurate valuation.
From our large database on properties going back years we can source the original value of your property so we can accurately appraise property for capital gains purposes.

Property Yields


Property is recognized as one of the safest long term investments around. Over the years, there has been a notable increase in the number of people buying-to-let. Some people choose to make a living out of it, whilst others just invest in one or two properties as a pension. Even if property prices fall, you can still make money from your buy-to-let property, providing you look at it as a medium to long-term investment and don’t decide to sell the property during a downturn.
Some mortgage providers offer products that are specially designed for those buying a property to let. Many of these products are only available through specialist mortgage brokers, so ask if we know of any special products available.
Before investing in a buy-to-let property you have to think very carefully about the type of tenants you are likely to get in the area you plan to buy. You must be sure that your investment will pay off. When targeting tenants, ensure the property is decorated and possibly furnished in a style that will suit their needs and the rent you plan to charge. As a rule, tenants like to be near shops and other amenities and good proximity to transport links is always important.

Do your sums before committing to a buy-to-let property.

To calculate the gross rental yield you could achieve use the Gross yield formula:

(Total Annual Income)/(Value of Property)*100 = Gross yield

To calculate the net yield you could achieve:

(Total Annual Income – Annual Running Costs)/(Value of Property)*100 = Net yield

To calculate your annual running costs:

Mortgage payments + estimated refurbishment cost:
(over 3 years in Dublin £7000 Est) + vacant time (allow 30 days per annum based on an average) Remember to factor in Landlord insurance, service charges (if any) and property/ water/ refuse taxes where applicable.

Your property must be presented to a high standard, as tenants are extremely selective of the property they choose. Make sure the rent you charge is competitive. If you set your rent at the top end of the scale, you could find it takes longer to find tenants, leading to longer vacant periods, where you lose money. However, your rent is competitive, you have more chance of attracting tenants and reducing vacant periods. This means you could still end up earning the same from your property than if you had set a higher rent and the property was vacant for a period.
Finally, to calculate the capital growth of your property investment:

Please remember that this information is simply a guide and every case varies. If you plan to invest in a buy-to-let property, do speak to DfM or seek independent expert advice.

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